An Analysis of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) refers to the persistent or recurrent inability of a woman to attain, or to maintain until completion of the sexual activity, an adequate lubrication-swelling response that otherwise is present during female sexual arousal and sexual activity. In a large sample of American women between the ages of 18 and 59, 19% reported having this difficulty.

Simply stated, female sexual arousal disorder is the persistent or recurring inability of a woman to maintain adequate genital lubrication, swelling or other response, such as nipple sensitivity, during the excitement stage of sexual activity. Female sexual arousal disorder involves a lack of response to the usual types of sexual stimulation (such as kissing, dancing, watching an erotic video, and touching the genitals) which normally should cause sexual arousal – mentally or emotionally (subjectively), physically (such as swelling, tingling, or throbbing in the genital area or vaginal wetness), or both.

For a woman to be aroused or sexually excited means that not only her body but also her mind is responding to the sexual activity. For many women, adequate sexual arousal involves physical as well as “psychological” and “situational” stimulation, such as intimacy with a partner, the exchange of confidences, the sharing of hopes and dreams and fears, and not only directly prior to the sexual event.

In general, the female sexual response cycle based on the work of Masters and Johnson and Kaplan depicts a sexual desire phase and a subsequent sexual arousal phase, characterised by genital vasocongestion, followed by a plateau phase of higher arousal, resulting in orgasm and subsequent resolution.

Based on this model, the arousal (excitement) phase of a woman’s sexual response can last minutes or much longer. During this time her blood pressure rises, breathing becomes more rapid, and her pulse rate increases. As her sexual excitement intensifies, blood flow to the pelvic region especially the vagina and vulva increases resulting in vasocongestion – the process by which vaginal tissues becomes plump and swollen with an increased volume of blood.

As the spongy tissues of the walls of the vagina engorge with blood, the swelling pushes tiny beads of this lubrication through the glands in the walls of the vagina. The composition, odour, and amount of this vaginal secretion vary from woman to woman, and also vary for an individual woman at different times of her life. In most women the clitoris will become erect, but this does not happen for every woman. Blood engorges the nipples as well, causing them to become erect. Vasocongestion also contributes significantly to a woman’s overall sexual sensitivity.

Unfortunately, a woman with FSAD either does not have these physical responses or does not maintain them through completion of sexual activity. The lack of arousal and lubrication may result in painful intercourse (dyspareunia), emotional distress, or relationship problems.

Causes of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

FSAD for some women might be a lifelong disorder (they have never experienced a normal lubrication-swelling response); or acquired (developed after illness or emotional trauma, through physiological changes, or as a side effect of surgery, radiotherapy for cancer, or medication). FSAD can also be generalised (occurring with different partners and in many different settings), or it can be situation-specific (occurring only with certain partners or under particular circumstances).

The causes of female sexual arousal disorder are quite complex but tend to have the same causes as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Issues like depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and other psychological factors; drugs, and relationship problems commonly interfere with sexual arousal. Inadequate sexual stimulation or the wrong setting for sexual activity can also contribute. In addition, FSAD may be due either to psychological factors or to a combination of physiological and psychological factors.

The Physiological causes of FSAD may include damage to the blood vessels of the pelvic region resulting in reduced blood flow; damage to the nerves in the pelvic area resulting in diminished arousal; general medical conditions that damage blood vessels (coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus); nursing a baby (lactation); general medical conditions that cause changes in hormone levels (thyroid disorders, adrenal gland disorders, removal of the ovaries); lower levels of sex hormones due to aging (menopause); and side effects of medications (antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, drugs to lower blood pressure, sedatives, birth control pills, or other hormone-containing pills)

Psychological causes of FSAD include chronic mild depression (dysthymia); emotional stress; past sexual abuse and emotional abuse; self-image problems; relationship problems with partner; and other mental health disorders (major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder).

The physical and psychological factors leading to FSAD often appear together. For example, a woman who does not experience arousal because of illness or the side effects of medication may then develop self-image and relationship problems that reinforce her difficulty in reaching arousal.

Treatment of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Because the relationship between the woman and her partner has been shown to play a significant role in both the development and the maintenance of sexual problems, most programs are designed to be implemented by the couple, although there may also be additional strategies that focus on the individual.

Measures that help couples with most sexual dysfunction treatment can be particularly helpful in treating FSAD. For example, treatment includes the following:

1. Enhancing trust and intimacy in the couple’s relationship
2. Making the setting as conducive to sexual activity as possible
3. Helping a woman learn to focus during sexual activity
4. Identifying and communicating what stimulates the woman, as for hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Couples may experiment with different stimuli, such as a vibrator, fantasy, or erotic videos. Couples may also try activities other than vaginal intercourse. For example, couples may do sensate focus exercises (where each partner takes turn touching each other in pleasurable ways). Such exercises can enhance intimacy and lessen anxiety before sexual activity.

Drugs that are likely causes are stopped if possible. If a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (an antidepressant) is the cause, adding bupropion (a different type of antidepressant) may help. Or another antidepressant may be substituted.

For women who have atrophic vaginitis, doctors may prescribe estrogen, applied to the genital area as a cream, inserted into the vagina in a ring or as a tablet, or taken by mouth. For women who are taking oral contraceptives, doctors may recommend substituting contraceptive skin patches or using a barrier method (condom or diaphragm). For women taking estrogen therapy by mouth, doctors may recommend instead taking estrogen another way, such as a skin patch or gel.

How to Be a Sexual Man (Golden Tips)

Even though a man is aware of his nature that he is born to be a leader but still he acts like a whinny boy most of the time. According to women, men made women dominated in every area of life. They have lost the sexual masculinity from their nature. These statements of women are so true because when we communicate on validation level instead of attraction then we lose our masculine values. So, instead of feeling hurt and defensive, we need to understand that how to be a sexual man in our lives.

For an average man, “An exclusive sexy woman is like a million dollar check.” And unfortunately, this thinking of him demolishes his sexual traits. He always puts women on higher ranks and seeks the validation from them. During his life, he only focuses on attracting those higher rank women rather than making himself a sexual man.

Here I am giving you few precious tips that will make women see you as their “SEXUAL GOD”.


Have you ever played chess? Have you ever noticed that even a soldier can become the center of the game? Well, I am giving you this example because for being a sexual man, it is not necessary whether you are king, rich or average. Your presence in environment is enough to curl the toes of women with extreme sexual attraction.

You would become the fantasy man of every woman if you focus on your traits. Read these below secret tips and adopt the traits of desirable sexual man.

1. Be the Worthy Man.
2. Be Extremely Sexual.

You can not be a sexual man without these two tips. These tips not only highlight the inner quality of you but also project you as a “Sexual God” in front of women. After reading these tips in detail, you would be surprised to know that there are much more hidden things which women desire in their fantasy man. So, let me shock you with the in-depth secrets which are highly attractive for women.


When it comes to women, most men think that only humor and body language do the magic in attraction. Unfortunately, these things drop them in friends’ category but never present them as worthy men. On the other hand, a worthy man covers the great deal of sexual attraction alone. He demonstrates control over his emotions, patience and life.

Few months back, I was having an interesting conversation with my one female friend, expert in human psychology. She said that, “Men can save majority of their time if they only focus on being a worthy man.” She also added, “Lack of masculinity in today’s men created the fantasy of rape for women.” According to her, it is really tough for women to find out a worthy man, a man who can fulfill all their emotional and sexual desires while keeping the attraction, interest and fun on higher level.

To help you understand the secret traits of worthy man, I am revealing one trait in simple words. This below trait not only leads you towards successful relationship but also makes you the sexual man in women’s arena.

• PERSONAL AUTHORITY: Authority is the primary need for being a worthy man. It allows you to project yourself as a dominant man. An authoritative man is a symbol of real masculinity. Also, in attraction it works wonderfully because girls want to be with a man who can dominate them. Your authoritative personality will never make her confuse or resentful entire life.

Now, you must be wondering that how to exactly project yourself as an authoritative man. Well, the only thing you need to do is to surround yourself with authoritative figures. Maintain good relationship with managers, restaurant owners, teachers and parents etc. Your relationships with authority figures keep your values on higher rank and nurture you as the worthy man.

For women, “An authoritative man is extremely sexual than average men.”


As I said earlier, Authoritative man is extremely sexual than average man. Your authority makes women fantasize about you sexually. If you are in relationship then it will keep your woman faithful to you. Similarly, if you are dating then your personal authority will make women chase you.

Have you ever wondered that why women follow authoritative sexual man entire life? It is only because he exists in their sexual fantasies. He fulfills their emotional and sexual needs. Women desire a man who can dominate them and ravish them sexually. A part from romantic lovemaking, they want someone who can treat them roughly in sexuality. That’s why; the biggest sexual fantasy of women is “RAPE”.

You need to be extreme sexual for curving the toes of women with sexual pleasures. You can be the sexual man if you follow these below highly effective tips.

• It does not matter how old she is, “Always treat a woman like a virgin.” This strategy connects you with her on sexual and emotional level. This will put extreme sexual sensations inside her body.
• Use the power of “Sexual Whispering”. Whispering is the safest way that turns women on sexually and makes them see you with sexual lust.

How to Show Love to Your Wife? (Keep Her Entirely Sexual) – Dominate the Crux of Your Relationship

Most men have no clue how to show love to their wives. They think that their loving reputation is at stake because their wives are not as happy and sexual as before. They feel that their married life is occupied by unattractive patterns and their relationship has been damaged brutally.

I know there are millions of advices that teach you about being romantic. Those advices force you to give flowers or take your wife on a date etc. However, unfortunately, these types of things do not turn you into a splendid lover.

“You have to dominate the crux of your relationship in order to show love to your wife.”

So, what is the crux of a loving marriage/relationship?

Amazingly, millions of advices keep the focus of men on body language, humor and pick-up lines. Those advices never unleash the actual crux of the problem.

The crux of this problem is that, “YOU HAVE TRANSFORMED YOUR WOMAN INTO YOUR BUDDY.”

You have stopped treating your wife like a promiscuous lady. You are treating her like your friend. That’s why; the deep level attraction has been dismantled.


If you want to show love to your wife then first make your wife feel like a promiscuous lady. You have to transform her into a sexual being because if she is out of emotional and sexual feelings then it is tough to make her happy with flowers and chocolates.

How to transform your wife into a promiscuous lady?

There are many splendid ways. For example,

“SET THE STAGE AND THEN PERFORM.” When you perform without stage, you project yourself like a street performer. Set the stage for performing like a Superstar. When you set the stage, you automatically utterly transform her into a promiscuous lady.

Now, how to set the stage?

Fall in love with your wife a little. Notice her closely and then gift her colorful dresses. Make her wear dresses of bright colors. A woman feels intense energy and harmony when she wears bright colors. Her state of mind transforms her feelings into sexual energy. After feeling sexual energy, she would not bother to laugh with you with pleasant feelings. That time would be perfect to give her flowers or chocolates.

Apart from this, let her feel that you are sacrificing your comfort for being with her. Her small things matters to you a lot. This tip is highly effective when it comes to show love to your wife. Ask her about her favorite place/flowers/chocolates in a casual way. After 2 to 3 days, take her on date (set the stage) and greet her with her favorite thing. You can be an immensely exclusive man by gifting your wife a new ring on some date. A diamond ring will work like a magic and instantly connect your wife with you emotionally and sexually.

I hope you have understand that how to set the stage before taking action.

It would be unfair if I do not share my own effort of showing love to my woman. I chose a place, little far from city. I bought few plants/flowers and created a meaningful scenario for date. After that, I called my wife there. We had fun and relished moments of emotional love. I also presented her a diamond ring, which I bought after saving money, and kissed her hands.

I also provided her multiple intense orgasms that night during emotional love making sessions. It is always great to make love when she gets emotional.

That was one of the most beautiful times of her life. She smothered her kisses on me. That date transformed my woman into a promiscuous lady. Since that time, she has been attached with me emotionally and sexually.

It is utterly impossible to tell you how much I relished that entire month with my woman. She told about our date to her each and every friend.

Now, I am going to reveal two immensely integral secret factors. Without these factors, it is rather tough to show love to your wife. In addition, these factors are also extremely important for transforming her into a promiscuous lady.

• CREATE SEXUAL MASCULINE PERSONA: Of course, your persona is always perceived by a woman. Especially, in order to show love to your wife, it is vitally important in relationship. Unfortunately, most of the men think that persona is all about confident body language or humor. Although, these things definitely help but these things do not embody you like a sexual masculine man.

“YOU HAVE TO RULE THE ROOST.” You have to rule the roost inevitably with your attractive traits for projecting yourself like a sexual masculine man.

“A sexual masculine man is naturally alluring. He projects his sexual confidence in plenty of hidden ways. For example, he avoids standing/talking near stairs or corners of a room. He shows his dominant character by holding an attaché case. Most importantly, a sexual masculine man surrounds himself with authoritative people. When women find him talking with managers/bar owners/exclusive ladies/entrepreneurs, they desperately desire for his exclusive attention.”

After creating sexual masculine persona, your smallest romantic moves show love to your wife.

A wife loves to receive the vibes of intense romance/love from her “Sexual Masculine Man”. She avoids being romantic with an average man. That’s why, it is immensely necessary to develop sexual masculine persona.

Your sexual masculine persona will automatically transform her into a promiscuous lady. She will lust after you and feel undeniable attraction.

• KEEP HER SEXUALLY ACTIVE: In order to show love to your wife, you need to have purely sexual life. You need to fulfill her strong sexual urges and consider her as an “Alluring Lady”. Always treat her like a virgin, during romance or while seducing her, for making her feel extremely hot sensations.

On some level, a wife loves to relish sexual romance throughout the day. “Sexual Romance” keeps her sexually active. It is like bringing her near the orgasm again and again.

“Show love to your wife by doing sexual romance. Make her powerless for few seconds with your silent gaze and create sexual tension. After that, smother your kisses on her cheeks and give her long loving hug. She will feel like a million. Your hug should be the source of sexual pleasure; it shouldn’t be a friendly hug because you are her sexual partner. Your hug should be unique and sexual. For example, squeeze her butts softly while enjoying her lips or rub in mid of her butts with your fingers while smothering kisses on her cheeks. This will make her roar in a sexual way, inside your sexual hug.”

When you create sexual masculine persona, your wife transforms into an utterly sexual being. It becomes rather easy to keep her sexually active. Therefore, your even small hugs and kisses show love to your wife.